Working with Releases in Katalon TestOps

With the Releases feature in Katalon TestOps, you can populate releases from Jira or create a new one and map your executions to it.

Create a new release

To create a new release, in your project, go to Releases > Create Release.

Enter the required information and click Create to finish.

Now your release has been created.

Map executions to a release

You can map executions to the release you have created.

In your project, go to Executions > Click on Release icon and select the release from the drop-down list.

Your execution is now mapped to the release.

You can view what test cases passed or failed in their most recent executions by going to Release details page.

A test case is shown as passed if and only if all of its test runs pass in its most recent execution. A test case can run multiple times in an execution (for example, with multiple data rows).

To view details, click on the Passed/Failed labels.