View Re-run Test Results in TestOps

Requirements: Integration with Katalon Studio (version 8.1 or later).

View Re-run Test Results

If you execute a Test Run multiple times, you can view the Re-run Test Results in that Test Run's summary and details.

You can find the final status of a Test Run together with its latest execution result by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps. Choose your Project.
  2. Go to Reports & Analytics and click Test Runs.
  3. Select Test Run with multiples execution from Katalon Studio.

View final results

To see the latest result of a test execution, click the Test Results tab.

A re-run result has the Re-run # label next to its name, with # represents the Re-run number.


The status of the Test Run is decided by its latest result.

View full Test Re-runs history

To see the detailed history of Test executions, click on the Test Results tab and choose the Re-runs tab.

The latest execution results display on the top of the list by default.