How to set up Katalon TestOps Organization

This tutorial shows you how to set up an Organization properly in Katalon TestOps, and to create teams and projects. One member of the team can complete these steps to invite all the others to an Organization for working on projects.

You need a Katalon account. Register here if you don't have one.

Create an Organization

Organizations are shared Katalon TestOps accounts where groups of users can collaborate across several projects at once. A user defaults to owning a personal organization and can belong to many organizations.

  1. Log in to Katalon TestOps.
  1. On the home page, click Create Organization on the left sidebar, type the name of organization and click Create.

You have just created an Organization in which you are the Owner.

  1. Type in Project name and click Create.

You have just created a new project.

  1. Look for Share projects to your members, in the bottom cell, type the emails of members that you want to share.

Click the button Invite and Next.

  1. The board Upload the first test result is on.

Click the button Upload sample project to finish.

  1. Click the button Setting on the right side corner, chose Organization Management. In the Organizaton profile view, give a name to your Organization. Here is you can also view your Organization ID.

Organization-level roles and permissions

  • Owner - is granted by default when creating a new organization or transferred by other users, who has full permission related to the organization, including teams, users, projects, licenses, plugins, and subscriptions.
  • Admin - is granted by the Owner, who has the privileges of the Owner but cannot manage the subscriptions.
  • User - is automatically assigned when a person is first invited to collaborate in an organization. Users can only monitor project progress. Billing Manager - is granted by the Owner or Admin, who has the privileges of the User with additional permission to manage subscriptions.

Invite a user to join organization

As an Owner/Admin

This feature is accesible to the organization Owner and Admin only.

  • In Katalon Administrantion page, on the top right corner, click the symbol (setting). Chose "User Management".

  • The Manager User is on with Users and Pending Invitations.

  • Go to Users > Click on the Invite user button.
  • Enter valid email addresses and click Invite. Note: You can enter multiple accounts at the same time.

  • An invitation email will be sent to the invited members, or you can copy the activation link and send it to them to confirm and join your organization.

After joining the organization, the new user can only access projects after being added to a team.

As a User

After being invited to join organization, you will recieve an email with the subject "Invitation to join Katalon Organization".

Accept the invitation by clicking the activation link in the email.

Sign in to the Katalons TestOps.

You will be navigated to the below page. Click on the blue button to join your organzation.

Manage users

This feature is accesible to the organization Owner and Admin only.

View pending invitations

After inviting users to your organization, you can view the list of pending invitations in Users page.

Before users accept the invitation, their email address will be displayed in the list with activation links.

You can withdraw the invitation by removing it from PENDING INVITATIONS.

View a list of members in your organization

You can view the list of existing members in Users page once they have accepted the invitation to join your organization.

After joining the organization, their name and email address will be displayed in the Users section with the default User role. You can update their permission by editing information in the user's details page.

Remove an existing user

On the top left corner, click “Users”. On the Manager Users click the remove icon in the last column and confirm your action in the pop-up.

Update user permission

Assign Admin or User role

The Admin and Owner can reassign the existing Admin and User to a new role. Select your organization/team > from Users Tab, click the pencil icon in the last column.

On page detail, show Role select Admin, User, Billing Manager or Owner role in the drop-down list. A user can have different roles in different teams.

Assign Billing Manager role

Billing Manager role is only available at the organization level and granted by the organization Owner or Admin. Select your organization > from Users Tab, click the pencil icon in the last column and then select Billing Manager role in the drop-down list.

Transfer organization ownership

The Owner and Admin of an organization can transfer the ownership of an Owner to another existing team member.

  • Select an organization > go to Users page > go to the user's details page by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Select Owner in the drop-down list.

  • Click Save.

Note: Transferring Organization ownership does NOT affect Team ownership. The previous Owner still has full permission as a Team Owner to those teams having been created by them before.

Rename an Organization

This feature is accesible to the organization Owner and Admin only.

To rename an Organization, go to your Organization and click on Organization Settings. You can edit the name in the Organization profile section.

Remember to click on Update to save your changes.

Delete an Organization

This feature is accesible to the organization Owner only.

To delete an Organization, click on Organization Settings.

In the Settings page, you will see Delete this orgainzation option. Click on the button and complete confirmation steps.

This action cannot be undone. This will permanently delete your organization, projects, licenses, and remove all associated teams.