How to set up Katalon TestOps Team and Project

Create a Team

Teams are groups of users that reflect the company's structures. A team is created by either Owner or Admin in an organization. Only members of a team can view and access the projects within that team.

In the Organization view, select Teams > give a name to your team and click Create. You're the team Owner by default.

Add users to Team

Select the Users tab > add your members to the team one by one by selecting the person in the drop-down list. Please be noted only the users you have invited to the Organization above can be added to this team.

Team-level roles and permissions

  • Owner - is granted by default when creating new a team or transferred by other users, who has full permission related to the team, including users and projects of their team.
  • Admin - is granted by the Owner, who has the privileges of the Owner but cannot transfer the team ownership to an existing team member.
  • User - is automatically assigned when a person is first invited to collaborate in a team. Users can only monitor project progress.

Invite a user to the team

  • Only the team Owner or Admin can invite a user to the team.

Note: Only the user in an organization can be invited to a team in that organization.

  • Select a team, from Users tab in a team, select that person's email in the drop-down list and then click Add to add a user to a team.
  • The default role for the invited person is User.

Remove an existing user

Select your team > from Users tab, click the remove icon in the last column and confirm your action in the pop-up.

Assign Admin or User role

The Admin and Owner can reassign the existing Admin and User to a new role. Select your organization/team > from Users Tab, click the pencil icon in the last column and then select Admin or User role in the drop-down list. A user can have different roles in different teams.

Transfer team ownership

The Owner of a team can transfer the ownership to another existing team member.

  • Select a team > under Users tab, search for the target user to assign the Owner role.

  • Click the pencil icon in the last column and then select Owner in the drop-down list.

  • Click Save.

Create Projects

A Katalon TestOps project is a handful of reports generated based on a dataset of automation test results which are imported by users. It would typically represent the development of automation testing work. A project is created only by Admins of a team with a particular name and automatically generated ID. There are many projects in a team.

Select Projects > give a name to your project and click Create.

You have had your organization, team, and project. You can start working with Katalon TestOps now.