How to configure Slack integration with Katalon TestOps

Katalon TestOps allows you to integrate with Slack to receive notification messages of your test execution results.


This feature is only accessible to the Owner of the Organization. We can learn how to create an Incoming Webhook here.

In the left sidebar of the page Sending messages using Incoming Webhooks, choose Using Webhooks, and click the button Create your Slack app.

The table Create a Slack App displays, type the App Name, choose a Development Slack Workspace from the list, click Create App.

The table Basic Information displays, click button Incoming Webhooks.

The table Incoming Webhooks displays, at the item Active Incoming Webhooks, click button On.

Click button Add New Webhook to Workspace.

Choose a channel to post to an app and click the button Allow.

The board Incoming Webhooks display, click the button Copy below for coping URL.

Configure in TestOps

Navigate to Slack Settings under Configurations.

Enter an Incoming Webhook URL by pasting the URL which we have just copied. Click the button Test Connection for connecting to Slack.

You will receive notification messages in Slack once you have configured the integration.

On Katalon TestOps, after connecting slack, we click the button Save for saving Incoming Webhook URL.

And now, every we run a Test on Katalon TestOps, we will receive a message on Slack. This message includes some information about Test Run, which we have run.