Overview of TestOps Plans

Katalon Testops is currently offering three plans:

  • Katalon TestOps for Community (free version).
  • Katalon TestOps for Business.
  • Katalon TestOps Enterprise.

Katalon TestOps for Community

The Community plan is ideal for individuals or small teams to get started with test orchestration. It includes the functions you need to coordinate various activities, cycles, and frameworks in software testing.

The plan includes all the core features of Katalon TestOps and allows up to 1000 test results per month with 3-month data retention.

Once you have successfully registered for a Katalon account, you will have access to Katalon TestOps Community plan by default. The plan is accessible on the cloud environment only via https://testops.katalon.io.

Katalon TestOps for Business

The Business plan is the best choice for large teams or SMEs who need extra test results, access to historical data, and enhanced collaboration across users.

The starting price includes 10k test results, and the price increases with your number of test results. The plan provides lifetime data retention and access to Katalon Helpdesk.

You can upgrade or modify the number of test results included at any time on your Subscriptions page on Katalon TestOps. This plan is accessible on the cloud environment only via https://testops.katalon.io.

Katalon TestOps Enterprise

The Enterprise plan is best for large organizations with a strong focus on streamlining processes and enhancing security. On top of the core features of Katalon Testops, this plan includes additional AI/ML and Security/Compliance features to maximize the quality and efficiency of your testing. Our support team is also available to assist with any problems you encounter.

  • Katalon TestOps Enterprise Cloud

This version is accessible via https://testops.katalon.io once you have successfully subscribed.

Free Trial

A three-month trial with unlimited test results is available upon request for both versions. For more information, please visit Trial Plans.


This plan will be available for purchase on June 22, 2021. You will need to contact our Sales team to purchase Katalon TestOps Enterprise. Stay tuned for more information.