Upload Test Results to Katalon TestOps

After executing tests in Katalon Studio, you can upload reports to Katalon TestOps to view an insightful look at your automation testing data.

Choose one of the below options to upload your test results to Katalon TestOps.


This feature allows you to automatically upload your test reports to Katalon TestOps once you have enabled Katalon TestOps integration. Learn more


You can also upload test results manually to your target team and project. Learn more

Using Command Line

Learn how to upload test results using Command Line here.

From TestOps

You can upload test reports directly to TestOps via TestOps uploader. Learn more.

Upload other reports

  • JUnit reports: Automatically upload JUnit reports to Katalon TestOps using the Maven plugin. Learn more

  • TestNG reports: Automatically upload TestNG reports to Katalon TestOps using the TestNG Listener. Learn more