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Once Test Reports are uploaded, Katalon Analytics will automatically analyze Katalon Studio test execution data to give you meaningful visualizations including charts, graphs, and filters. Katalon Analytics powerful dashboard allows users to have richer looks at test execution by presenting various reports such as Status, Performance, Execution Summary, and Execution Details. 

Automatically Upload Report


The status of uploaded Katalon Test Execution. Users can view

  • Number of test cases
  • Number of execution
  • Status of test cases: Passed, Failed, Error, Incomplete. To filter the status of test cases, simply click on the status you don't want to view to remove it from the graph
Performance An overview of test executions' durations 

Summary of Katalon Test Report

ID: The number of executions in the project

Status: The status of each report (Passed, Failed, Error, Incomplete). Users can filter the status of the report to view only preferred status. Click on the drop-down menu of Status. Select the status

Started: Time and Date the test was run

Duration: The time that test took to finished

Total: The total number of test cases in one execution

Passed/Failed/Error/Incomplete: Status of TC and number of TC within an execution

View Execution Detail Report

Filter and Sort

While viewing execution detail report, The user can also utilize Katalon Analytics Filter and Sort feature to identify the problem areas.

Click on the ID of Execution to view the detail report. Katalon Analytics will display following details about that report including** Summary**, All Failed TestsFoldersAll Tests

** **

Summary Dashboard

Katalon Analytics will show a pie chart to represent the number of each Test Cases status (Passed, Failed, Error, Incomplete) with the execution summary information.

All Failed Tests Table

Allows users to quickly view all test cases that have the status of Failed. The testing team will be able to locate quickly where exactly the test has failed.

Field Description
ID This ID is a global ID of Analytic tools
Name Name of test case
Folder Containing folder of test case in Katalon Studio
Started Time and Date of test case
Duration The amount of time took to run the test case
Status The status (Passed, Failed, Error, Incomplete) of the test case. Users can filter the status to see only preferred status
Age Show the number of times this test case has the same status consecutively. (e.g. Status: Failed, Age: 5 → This test case has failed 5 times consecutively)
Flakiness The reliability of test case after numbers of run

Test Suites Table

Katalon Analytics display all test suites in the current viewing execution in the report. To view detail, click on the ID of Test Suite. Katalon Analytics will display in-depth look about the Test Suite.

Field Description
ID Generated Analytic global ID
OS Operating System was run on
Browser Selected browser the test was run on
Status The status of a test suite. Users can filter status to see only the preferred status of test suite
Total The total number of test cases in this test suite
Failed/Passed/Error/Incomplete The total number test case of each status is displayed as well

Folder Table

Katalon Analytics' Folder represents how test cases were organized and grouped in Katalon Studio. It has the same structure of test cases as in Katalon Studio Tests Explorer

All Tests Table

List of all executed test cases in the current viewing execution. To view detail, click on the ID of the preferred test case. Katalon Analytics will display details dashboard about that test case.

View Detail Test Case

To view detail of a failed test case, click on the ID. Once clicked on ID, Katalon Analytics will display in-depth views about the test case. Users will able to view

Test case path The location path of test case in Katalon Studio



Test Suite in Katalon Studio





Same Failure

Attachment – error logs or reports file from Katalon Studio

Errors Users can quickly navigate to the error in the log of execution. Extracted from Katalon Studio execution log.
Console log Katalon Studio execution log                        

View Test Case Executions History Dashboard

Click on View History button, users can also view all the iteration execution of a single test case. 

Performance The performance of test case through iteration run. The duration of each iteration also shown
History The list of the number of iteration in a test case. To view detail, click on the ID of iteration (This is Katalon Analytics global ID)

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