View Test Case reports with Katalon TestOps

Test Case management function in Katalon TestOps visualizes the trends in quality over time. This allows the development teams and testers to clearly see the weak points of the software. It also enables the teams to estimate the time it takes to perform automated testing which is useful especially when releasing critical updates. The visualizations show whether the last sprint is good or bad and to what extent.

In Katalon TestOps, you can view Test Cases with various types.

Active Test Cases

This section displays all Test Cases which have the most recently executed Test Runs.

To view active Test Cases, in Reports & Analytics, go to "Test Cases" section. Here you can view the list of active Test Cases and their summary.

Stale Test Cases

This section lists all Test Cases which are out-dated or no longer maintained. This helps you to review and decide whether those Test Cases need to be updated.

To view stale Test Cases, in "Test Cases" page, select "Stale" tab.

Slowest Test Cases

This section shows the list of Test Cases having the longest average durations.

To view the slowest Test Cases, in "Test Cases" page, select "Slowest" tab.

Flaky Test Cases

A flaky test is a test that both passes and fails periodically without any code changes. Katalon TestOps provides the test case level details that shows deeper context around the occurrences of flake over time to assist with debugging the root cause.

To view flaky Test Cases, in "Test Cases" page, select "Flaky" tab.