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Cancel your subscription

The following guide shows you how to cancel your renewal subscription for Katalon Platform plan, TestCloud, Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE), and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE).

  • You must be the Owner or Billing Manager of your Account.

You can cancel your subscription at any time to turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription.

Once the cancellation is successful, you will not be charged for your next billing cycle. Subscription cancellation does NOT issue a refund. The subscription remains active until the end of the current billing period.

Follow these steps to cancel the renewal subscription for your desired product.

  1. Sign in to TestOps Admin and select your Account.
  2. On your Account admin page, select Subscriptions section to open Subscription Management page.
  3. In the Your Current Subscription(s) section, locate your desired product's subscription and click on the corresponding Extension icon.
    Subscription Management page
  4. Select Turn off Auto-Renewal, the Turn off Auto-Renewal dialog appears as the following picture.
    Turn off Auto-Renewal dialog
  5. Click Confirm to confirm your action.

You have canceled the renewal subscription successfully. You can check the Expiry Date in the Your Current Subscription(s) section.

You can also reactivate your subscription if it has not reached the expiry date yet.