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Configure proxy authentication

If you are behind a proxy server, before activating Katalon licenses, you need to configure the Authentication proxy settings.

This guide will allow you to authenticate and activate your Katalon licenses while working behind a proxy server.

  1. Open Katalon Studio. In the toolbar, click on the Profile button and select Log out.
    You will be logged out of your current account, and the Welcome to Katalon Studio dialog appears.

  2. Click Proxy settings at the bottom of the dialog.

    In the Authentication Proxy Configurations dialog, select one of the three options below:

    • No proxy: There's no proxy.
    • Use system proxy configuration: Katalon Studio automatically syncs with the proxy server behind your system.
    • Manual proxy configuration: You can manually set up your proxy.
  3. When you're done, click OK.
  4. In the case you want to activate Katalon Runtime Engine with proxy settings, make sure Proxy arguments for command-line syntax.
    1. Whitelist the wild-card Katalon domain (*
    2. Include the necessary proxy arguments in Proxy arguments in the command line interface. Choose MANUAL_CONFIG for the proxy option and make sure the credentials are correct.
    3. Avoid copying from another text editor because it may contain invisible/invalid characters that are not supported by Katalon Platform.
You've configured proxy authentication. You can continue signing in to Katalon Studio.