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Katalon Runtime Engine floating license

Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) is the test execution add-on of Katalon Studio. While the KSE license only provides support in generating test scripts and manually executing tests via the graphical user interface (GUI), the KRE license allows you to execute automated tests in CI/CD pipelines or via the command-line interface (CLI).

When running via CLI, each floating license only allows one active session, which means one single test suite or test case being executed at a time. If you want to execute multiple test cases or test suites, you can purchase as many floating licenses as you need. To learn more about the use cases of KRE, see Introduction to Katalon Runtime Engine.

You can purchase an online KRE license from our pricing page. For an offline license or a mix of both, contact sales at

The table below provides information on the KRE floating license:

KRE floating
  • One license allows any enabled user one active session at a time.
  • To run n execution sessions on the same machine, you have to consume n licenses.
  • One license can be shared across unlimited users/machines.

Execution environment

All types of execution environments:

  • Local desktops or workstations with fixed hardware specifications such as a virtual machine with a fixed machine ID or physical machine.
  • Cloud.
  • Virtual machines with dynamic hardware specifications to execute tests in Docker, Azure, and Amazon Web Services.
License countingFloating licenses cannot be counted unless a running session is being executed.