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Katalon Studio Enterprise per-user license

Katalon Studio (KS) provides free, basic tools suitable for individuals' testing needs.

Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) is a more advanced business solution. If you want more test generation and execution, management, integration, and support capabilities of Katalon Studio, then get a per-user license.

You can purchase an online KSE license from our pricing page. For an offline license or a mix of both, contact sales at

To learn about difference between the Katalon Studio Enterprise and the Katalon Studio (KS), see: Katalon Studio vs Katalon Studio Enterprise Features.

The table below provides information on the KSE per-user license:

KSE per-User license
  • One license allows one user to have one active session at a time.

  • One license can be shared across unlimited machines of a licensed user.

Execution environment
  • Local desktops.

  • Workstations with fixed hardware specifications, such as a physical or virtual machine with a fixed machine ID.

License quota
  • Count your available per-user (and other types of licenses) or redistribute it among users. See: Manage Katalon Licenses.