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Online vs. Offline Licenses

This section provides information on all the differences between Online and Offline licenses for Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) and/or Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE).

Based on your work requirements or internet access levels, you can choose between Online or Offline licenses for Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) or Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE). You could also have a mix of both -- a hybrid license.

Note that you can purchase an Online license directly from the Katalon site or purchase an offline license by contacting our sales team at

Refer to the following table for the differences between an Online license and an Offline license:
Online licenseOffline license
DescriptionRequires internet access.Can be used with limited or no internet access.
Billing CycleMonthly or annual subscription cycles.Multi-year subscription tailored to your needs.
License Subscription Purchase online via the Katalon website or the TestOps website. Learn how here: Purchase Katalon subscription.Purchase by contacting our sales team at
RenewalAutomatically renews on the expiry date.Renew by contacting our sales team at
License ManagementThe Administrator/Owner of the Organization is in charge of managing licenses. Refer to Manage Katalon Licenses to learn how. Note that an Organization member is limited to only activating or using licenses.
License TransferYou can transfer a license from one user to another as needed. Learn how here: Transfer a license.
License ActivationLearn how you can activate your license here: Activate licenses. Note that for Online licenses, you will be logged out of your current machine if you use the same license on another machine at the same time.
License ExecutionYou can perform multiple execution sessions on one machine at a time in parallel.
For detailed information on the KSE per-user license, see: Katalon Studio Enterprise per-user license.

For detailed information on the KRE floating license, see: Katalon Runtime Engine floating license.