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Local testing with TestCloud in Katalon Studio

This document shows you how to set up TestCloud Tunnel in Katalon Studio and perform local testing.

If your application under test is locally hosted in a private network, you need to set up a tunnel for TestCloud server to access the application. See:Local testing with TestCloud.

In Katalon Studio, you can use the Tunnel Setup Helper to download and configure TestCloud Tunnel.

Configure TestCloud Tunnel

  • To allow User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections, the proxy must be configured.
  • If you use a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) proxy, it must be configured to allow Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections.

Follow these steps to set up TestCloud Tunnel with Tunnel Setup Helper.

  1. In Katalon Studio, click on the dropdown icon of the Run button and choose to run with TestCloud.
  2. In the TestCloud Configuration dialog, tick the Private/Local Testing option.
    You'll see a message in red, as follows:Katalon Studio - TestCloud Configuration dialog, TestCloud Tunnel not available status
  3. Click the Tunnel Setup Helper link.

    The Tunnel Setup Helper dialog appears.Katalon Studio - Tunnel Setup Helper dialog

  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the dialog to set up the tunnel client in your local machine:
    1. Select your OS and download the .zip file, then unzip it.
    2. Open the command-line interface (CLI) and navigate to the directory containing the tunnel executable file. Copy the command line from the dialog, then run it in the CLI.
      An example command looks like this:
      /Applications/kt config --tenant KatalonStudio --username "" --organization-id "myid" --api-key "myapikey"
    3. Use the kt start command to start the tunnel.
      Sample terminal message for running TestCloud Tunnel

      Keep your CLI open until you have finished running tests.

  5. Switch back to Tunnel Setup Helper and click Close.
    Click Refresh and you can see the available status.Katalon Studio - TestCloud Configuration dialog - TestCloud Tunnel available
  6. Click Run to start executing your test suite / test suite collection with TestCloud Tunnel.