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TestCloud overview

Katalon TestCloud is a test automation service that allows you to execute tests on most standard browsers and operating systems on the cloud. With TestCloud, you can easily configure those test environments, reducing time and cost of creating physical infrastructure for test automation.

TestCloud addresses the following problems:

  • Difficulty and inability to test across browsers and OS.
  • Scalability issues due to cost and time constraint in setting up physical labs.
  • Time-consuming configuration and integration for testing in different operating systems or scenarios.
  • Limited availability of test scenarios/devices/OS/browsers.

No setup and maintenance are required to use TestCloud as your test environment. TestCloud is also ready to integrate with your CI/CD pipelines.

Katalon TestCloud is integrated with Katalon TestOps and Katalon Studio. For more information, see Integration with TestOps and Integration with Katalon Studio.

To know the internet browsers, operating systems and mobile devices offered in TestCloud, see Supported environments for Katalon TestCloud. To keep up with TestCloud latest updates, see Supported environments for Katalon TestCloud.