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Biometric authentication for native mobile application

Biometric authentication in TestCloud supports the following OS and API:
OSSupported API
Android 11 or higher
iOS 13 or higher
  • LAContext class: This class is used to interact with the local authentication framework.

  • evaluatePolicy: The evaluatePolicy(_:localizedReason:reply:) method of LAContext that performs biometric authentication, such as verifying a user's face or fingerprint.

  • canEvaluatePolicy: The canEvaluatePolicy(_:error:) method of LAContext that checks whether a specific biometric authentication policy can be evaluated on the device.

The BiometricsAuthenticator class in Katalon TestCloud allows users to simulate biometric inputs to test native mobile applications. To use it, follow these steps:
  1. Open your project in Katalon Studio and go to Project Settings > Desired Capabilities > Remote. Add the boolean property enableBiometricsAuthentication=True.
  2. In the Keywords folder, create and declare the BiometricsAuthenticator class under package com.katalon.testcloud.
    public class BiometricsAuthenticator{
    def authenticatePass();

    def authenticateFail();
You can now use the keyword to test biometric authentication.