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Use TestCloud private mobile devices

TestCloud provides you with a wide range of real mobile devices, in both iOS and Android, to execute mobile tests. With TestCloud private mobile devices, you can have more control over your test devices compared to shared devices:
  • Non-shared environment: Private devices are dedicated to your organization, ensuring high availability and consistent performance.
  • Enhanced data privacy: With complete control over the data stored on the device, you reduce the risk of exposing this data to other users or third parties.
  • Session retention: Private devices come with longer session retention, allow you first configure device functionalities and later perform multiple tests without having to reconfigure from scratch.
With a TestCloud private device subscription, you can perform tests on private mobile devices just as you would on shared devices:

When selecting devices in the Configure Test Environment section, you can find your private mobile devices labeled with their UDID.Configure test environment for test suite, device with UDID tag