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Test execution with TestOps

In Katalon TestOps, you can set up a remote execution to run tests in several environments.

The setup for execution with TestOps includes:

  1. Create a test environment.
  2. Create a script repository.
  3. Schedule test runs.

Create a test environment

A test environment connects your machine with Katalon TestOps to activate a remote execution.

You can define which machine or machines execute the remote test runs by configuring a test environment in Katalon TestOps.

Katalon TestOps offers the following options:

Once you have created a test environment, you can upload tests to a script repository in TestOps for test planning.

Set up a script repository

A script repository stores test scripts for test executions. You can manage your test scripts in Katalon TestOps and decide the execution schedule (test planning) and execution environment (the test environment you have created). See: ​ Upload Test Scripts from a Git Repository ​ .

With a set-up test environment and Git repository, your tests are ready for execution in Katalon TestOps.

Schedule test runs

Planning test executions allows you to keep track of testing progress and monitor test results.

You can configure a schedule for automatic test runs or execute tests manually in Katalon TestOps.