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Get started with Katalon Platform

This article introduces you to different components of Katalon Platform.

Enrich Katalon Studio experience

Katalon Studio is a powerful automation testing tool that can help you streamline your testing process and improve the quality of your software. However, testing authoring with Katalon Studio may not be enough. In an enterprise setting, you need to collaborate with several teammates and stakeholders. This is when you need to integrate with Katalon Platform.

Katalon Platform supports collaboration features, such as version control, shared test artifacts, and integration with other application lifecycle management tools (ALM). Take advantage of these features to collaborate effectively with your team and ensure that everyone is on the same page. See: Upload test scripts from Git repository and View uploaded test scripts.

Cross-browser testing with TestCloud

Katalon TestCloud is a test automation environment that allows you to execute tests on most standard browsers and operating systems on the cloud. With TestCloud, you can easily configure those test environments, reducing time and cost of creating physical infrastructure for test automation.

TestCloud addresses the following problems:

  • Difficulty and inability to test across browsers and OS.
  • Scalability issues due to cost and time constraint in setting up physical labs.
  • Time-consuming configuration and integration for testing in different operating systems or scenarios.
  • Limited availability of test scenarios/devices/OS/browsers.

No setup and maintenance are required to use TestCloud as your test environment. TestCloud is also ready to integrate with your CI/CD pipelines.

After setting up your test project and building test suites, follow these guides to execute with TestCloud:

Quality management with analytics

In order to obtain relevant metrics on the progress of your tests as well as the completeness of your requirements, Katalon Platform provides test analysis features in both Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps to make it easier for the entire project team to have a clear view of the overall readiness of the project.

Katalon Studio execution log and test suite / test suite collection reports give you an instant insight into how stable your test scripts are. It enables you to locate the root causes of any issues and troubleshoot them quickly. See: View test reports in Katalon Studio.

Katalon TestOps dashboards and reports allow you to centralize your test data in one place. As a QA manager, you can oversee your team productivity, and the status of product quality by looking at release readiness, requirement coverage, traceability matrix, and many more. See:View test results and execution logs in Katalon TestOps and TestOps dashboards.