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GitLab Integration

This tutorial shows you how to integrate your Katalon Studio project with GitLab CI/CD.

Suppose you are an automation tester using Katalon Studio for testing. In that case, you can integrate your Katalon Studio tests into your GitLab CI/CD and set up your tests to be triggered when there is a new update in your project.

The method for this integration is to run your GitLab CI/CD jobs in a Docker container built from the Katalon Studio Docker image.

Katalon Studio Docker image contains up-to-date browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Katalon Studio. The image is available here at Docker Hub: katalonstudio/katalon.

  • A GitLab account.
  • A Katalon Studio project in GitLab. You can clone or download the sample project on this GitHub repository: CI Samples.
  • GitLab Runners configured in your project. To learn more about GitLab Runner, refer to this GitLab document: Ensure you have runners available.
  • For self-hosted GitLab Runners, you need to install and run Docker. You can refer to the instructions in the Docker document here: Get Docker.
  • An active Katalon Runtime Engine floating license. See: Types of Licenses.

Configure the GitLab project

After setting up the sample GitLab project, you need to configure the following components:

  • The .gitlab-ci.yml file: A file containing CI/CD configurations.
  • Katalon API key variable: A key representing your credentials for Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine.

Configure the .gitlab-ci.yml file

Open Pipeline Editor by selecting CI/CD > Editor.

The editor displays the .gitlab-ci.yml file as follows:

GitLab Pipeline Editor .gitlab-ci.yml file

# Requirements
# A Katalon Studio project with the content saved in the root repository folder. If the project is under another location, you need to update KATALON_PROJECT_DIR with the corresponding value in the variable section
# An active KRE license
# A valid Katalon API key, which is stored as KATALON_API_KEY in Settings/CI/CD/Variables
image: 'katalonstudio/katalon' # Use the latest version of Katalon Runtime Engine. We can also use other versions of Katalon Runtime Engine by specifying another tag, such as `katalonstudio/katalon:8.1.2` or `katalonstudio/katalon:8.3.0`
- docker:dind
# Specify Katalon Studio project directory. By default, it is stored under the root project folder.
- test
stage: test
# Update your desired katalonc commands. All of katalonc supported arguments can be found in this document
- -projectPath=$KATALON_PROJECT_DIR -apiKey=$KATALON_API_KEY -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=20 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest"

You can modify the file with your CI/CD configurations, including:

  • image: The Katalon Studio Docker image that the job runs in. By default, katalonstudio/katalon uses the latest version of Katalon Studio. To use a specific version, input katalonstudio/katalon:<version_tag>, for example katalonstudio/katalon:8.1.2.

  • KATALON_PROJECT_DIR: Katalon Studio project directory. By default, it is stored under the root project folder.

  • script: Your desired katalonc commands. All of katalonc supported arguments can be found in this document: Command Syntax.

To learn more about configuration options, refer to this GitLab document: .gitlab-ci.yml file.

Configure the Katalon API Key variable

In the sample .gitlab-ci.yml file, we use the KATALON_API_KEY to represent the Katalon API key. You need to define this variable and specify its value in the project's settings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > CI/CD and expand the Variables section.

  2. Select the Add variable button and specify these fields:

    • Value: <Your Katalon API key>. Learn how to generate and view your API key here: API Keys.

    GitLab Add variable

  3. Click Add variable.

Test the pipeline

After the configuration, you can start making changes to the project to test the CI/CD pipeline. GitLab CI/CD monitors the changes and runs the job specified in the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

To view the jobs running in your project, on the left sidebar, go to CI/CD > Jobs, and select a job.

GitLab Select a job

GitLab displays our job log as follows:

GitLab job log

The job log should display information about the Docker image in use and the output of the configured katalonc command.

To view test reports on TestOps, you can enable Katalon TestOps integration in your project. See: TestOps Integration.