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TeamCity Plugin

TeamCity is a server for build management and continuous integration. This tutorial shows you how to install and run Katalon for TeamCity for Web UI testing.


Configure Katalon Studio Runner within TeamCity

You can add and enable the Katalon Studio Runner plugin to your server, then add it as a build step. Follow the instructions below to do so:
  1. Confirm that the Katalon Studio Runner plugin has been successfully installed by checking it in Administration > Plugins. It is within the External plugins section.
    The external plugins section within the administration section of TeamCity.
  2. Create and configure your project. For configuration intructions, see Configure and Run Your First Build.
  3. While identifying your build steps, click on configure build steps manually if auto-detect didn't choose Katalon.
    1. Select Katalon from the list of Build Steps. List of possible Build Steps in TeamCity, with Katalon as an option.
  4. Configure your new build step according to your required parameters. For the Command Arguments, you can enter the arguments directly into TeamCity or generate them from Katalon Studio.
    Configuring a new Build Step with the Katalon plugin.
You have successfully set up TeamCity with the Katalon Studio Runner plugin installed.