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OTP use cases

  • Please note that the integration will work for most users but has not been tested for every use case.

This project demonstrates how Katalon Studio helps you extract OTP (one-time password) from different platforms for test automation script. It contains some test cases for Mobile OTP extraction, some test cases for Outlook and Gmail OTP extraction.

Use cases

  • Extract OTP from Outlook.

  • Extract OTP from Gmail.

  • Extract OTP from mobile device.

Extract OTP for test automation script

  • Katalon Studio

  • Configured Outlook and Gmail for OTP extraction

  • Connection with your mobile device for OTP extraction
  1. For Gmail/Outlook:
    1. Refer to the attached test cases in our sample Git repository above.
    2. Change the username and password for Gmail and outlook in the test cases.
    3. Change the email subject and body content from where you want to extract the OTP.
    4. Run the test and verify the OTP in console.
  2. For mobile device:
    1. Connect with your mobile device.
    2. Run the test on Android device.
    3. Verify the result in the console.