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TestProject migration

This article demonstrates how Katalon Studio helps users migrate their TestProject project to Katalon Studio. With similar major features, Katalon Studio allows you to execute and maintain your existing TestProject test cases without starting everything from scratch.

  • Please note that the integration will work for most users but has not been tested for every use case.

Migrate TestProject to Katalon Studio

You can refer to this demonstration video of the steps below.
  1. Download a TestProject sample a TestProject project
    Here is a sample repository for the sample project: TestProject migration sample project.
  2. Open Project Settings in Katalon Studio, import all required .jar files (build.gradle). You can refer to: Gradle Settings in Katalon Studio.import .jar files in Katalon Studio project settings
  3. Add all your project files inside Include > scripts > groovy.add projects Katalon Studio Test Explorer
  4. Resolve conflicts:
    • Change JUnit 5 annotation to TestNG/JUnit 4 (Katalon Studio currently doesn't support JUnit 5):

      @BeforeAll needs changing to @BeforeClass, @AfterAll needs changing to @AfterClass.

    • Add @Test annotation before the method void execute() and initialize Katalon Webdriver inside the @BeforeClass:resolve @Test and @BeforeClass conflict

      For Web based application:
      driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver();
      For Mobile application:
      String dirName = RunConfiguration.getProjectDir():
      MobileBuiltInKeywords.startApplication(dirName+"/App/APIDemos.apk", false);
      driver = MobileDriverFactory.getDriver();
    • Prepare TestNG.xml file by adding a class name:add class name to TestNG.xml

    • Prepare the test cases by adding TestNG or Junit Keywords.

  5. Run the test execution. You can refer to Execute tests with Katalon Studio overview.
  6. Verify test execution result. You can refer to View and customize execution log in Katalon Studio.verify test result with TestProject project
You have successfully migrated and executed test cases from a TestProject project.