Data-driven execution

Data-driven execution is the ability to execute a test with multiple data set. For example, when inputting patient information from a CSV file to your website, you would develop one test case and use data-driven execution to execute it with the prepared data set.

Data-driven execution sample

Since version 5.4.0, a data-driven execution sample is available for all users. You can adapt it to your own purposes as needed.

How to add the data-driven execution sample

The sample will be automatically visible to new users when they first go through the Product Tours. Existing users can go to Extended Feature > Essential Product Tours to trigger the Product Tours which will add the sample to KR.

Anatomy of the data-driven execution sample

The data-driven execution sample contains of a test case named Book many healthcare appointments and a data file named sample_data.csv.

The test case uses two variables visit_date and comment, which correspond to the column names specified in the data file:

26/10/1984,some text 1
1/10/1996,some text 2

When executed, the test case will book two appointments using on the information in the data file.


The following video (2:29 to 5:26) demonstrates how to use data-driven testing with Katalon Recorder and a JSON file. It walks you through how to prepare a JSON file and how to convert a normal test case into a data-driven one.