Import Tests from Selenium IDE

Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 provides compatibility for Selenium IDE imports. As a result, Selenium users could migrate their works from Selenium to Katalon Recorder.

Import Tests from Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is the most frequently used open source tool when it comes to web automation but its complexity and advanced requirements might daunt on non-code testers.

With the import functionality in Katalon Recorder, you can migrate Selenium IDE test scripts to Katalon Recorder.

Selenium users can have an alternative tool for testing, without losing their existing works on Selenium.


Katalon Recorder version 5.5.0.

To import Tests from Selenium IDE, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Selenium IDE icon in the Katalon Recorder’s Test Explorer.

  2. Choose a Selenium IDE project file that ends with .side.

    The import is done.


Some Selenium commands are not supported by Katalon Recorder. In this case, a dialog on incompatible commands appears after the imports (as shown below).

Please review the incompatible commands to see if they break the relevant tests.

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