Katalon Recorder vs Selenium IDE

The 60-Second Elevator Pitch

  • Katalon Recorder provides a faster time-to-value than Selenium IDE. You can start automating instantly, without to worry about manually creating a project, test case, specifying a URL. A large percentage of our users use the product almost every day, so for them such time-saving compound to be a critical advantage.
  • Katalon Recorder runs directly on your current tab. This capability allows you to automate bits and pieces of your workflow, where a lot of actions are repetitive but some actions must be carried out by a human. This this different from Selenium IDE which always executes on a new tab.
  • Katalon Recorder enables you to keep track of execution results. You can report/share your execution results to your manager/colleagues/friends through our (free) integration with our companion product - Katalon TestOps.
  • Katalon Recorder has consistent development efforts, dedicated community and support. We are professionally motivated to help you resolve your problems, and listen to your suggestions about product improvement.


Below are the comparison between Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE:

Items Katalon Recorder Selenium IDE Notes
Time To First Value
  • KR: users are able to start recording tests on the current tab immediately

  • S.IDE: users must create/open a project, specify a URL and then start recording

Test structures
  • KR: supports test suites and test cases

  • S.IDE: There is a little bit hard to manage test suites/test cases

Drag and Drop
  • KR: Drag and drop to arrange test suites, test cases, and test steps

  • S.IDE: Drag and drop to arrange test steps

Record actions
Dashboard KR enables dashboard view with TestOps
Data-Driven Testing KR supports CSV, JSON as data sources
Extension Scripts KR allows developers to add custom locators and actions
User Guides
Manual add a test step
Playback Both support pause and resume
Skip a step
Run in parallel
Run in CI S.IDE supports Command-line runner
Control flow
Support multiple browsers
Export test scripts