Sample Project

Katalon Recorder Samples Project

The sample project covers various common topics on working with Katalon Recorder. The guide below walk through steps to download and open Katalon Recorder Sample Project.

  1. Navigate to the sample project on Github by clicking on the link above. Select Clone or Download > Choose Download Zip option to download the Zip package that includes sample project and its associated files. 

  2. Once finished, unzip the package. Open Katalon Recorder, click on Open test suite > navigate to the location of the unzipped project and select the project to open. 

  3. Katalon Recorder will open the Sample Project as shown below.

  4. Click on Test Data and add data files "data.csv" (for CSV) and "data.json" (for JSON).

  5. Click on any preferred Test Case and select Play to execute a single Test Case or select Play All to play all Test Cases in the Sample Project.