Plugin approval guidelines

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After developing and testing your plugin, your next step is to submit it for approval. To uphold standards of quality and reliability that our users expect, all publicly listed plugins are subject to an approval process.

Which plugins are subject to the approval process?

  • Publicly listed, new plugins
  • Pricing changes

If an earlier plugin version is already approved, routine version updates are exempt from the approval process except in the above cases.

Approval process

Approval times vary depending on current volume and the Katalon Store team’s availability, submissions fall into an internal queue which the Store team works through chronologically as they come in. Our team checks a range of requirements for your plugin, like whether it installs properly and has documentation. In order to avoid unnecessary updates and resubmissions, make sure your plugin adheres to the guidelines on this page. If you believe your approval is taking too long, feel free to contact our team via

  1. Log in to with your Katalon account.
  2. Click Publish a new plugin from the My plugin menu in the upper right.
  3. Upload your file and fill out the plugin information form.
  4. Accept the Developer Agreement, and submit your plugin.
  5. You’ll be notified via email that your submission was successful, and receive a URL to view the approval status.
  6. Once approved, your plugin is published to Katalon Store.

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