How to develop Custom Keywords Plugins

Previously, we have announced a tutorial to build standard plugins for Katalon Studio.

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce a more lightweight process for sharing custom keywords as plugins.

  • Custom Keyword plugin is available since Katalon Studio 6.0.6.

Develop a Custom Keywords plugin

  • Sample:
  • A Custom Keywords plugin is essentially a normal Katalon Studio project with some Custom Keywords implementation. So the steps are quite simple:
    • Create a new Katalon Studio project.
    • Implement your Custom Keywords.
    • Test Cases can be added to help verify these Custom Keywords and to serve as samples for plugin users.

Package the Custom Keywords plugin

  • In the  Keywords  folder, add a  katalon-plugin.json  file with the following format:
  "keywords": [keywordClass1, keywordClass2]



	"keywords": ["com.katalon.plugin.keyword.excel.ExcelReadKeywords", "com.katalon.plugin.keyword.excel.ExcelWriteKeywords"]
  • In the project’s root folder add a  build.gradle  file


plugins {
  id 'java'
  id 'groovy'
  id 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow' version '4.0.4'
  id "com.katalon.gradle-plugin" version "0.0.6"

repositories {

sourceSets {
  main {
    groovy {
      srcDirs = ['Keywords', 'Include/scripts/groovy']
      srcDir 'Libs'

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Install Gradle and run the following command, then checking the  build/libs  for the plugin’s JAR package.

gradle katalonPluginPackage

Note: If you run the above command inside an existing project, please open that project with Katalon Studio first.

Test the Custom Keywords plugin

Publish the plugin

Once you’re done developing your plugins, please submit them to Katalon Store. We’ll review your contents against our policies before approving to list them on the Store.

Sample plugins