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Publishing plugins allows them to be used by others, who can access and install them from Katalon Store.

You can publish your plugin publicly so that any Katalon user can find and install it. In addition to published plugins, you can also save your plugin as a draft—this lets you test it or just use it yourself without publishing.

Once you've successfully published a plugin, you can continue to improve it—see Manage published plugins for more information.

Before you begin

Before you begin the publication process, it is important to understand your submitting options. When configuring your plugin for publication, you must choose to submit it as either a draft or public plugin. This is the plugin's visibility.

  • Save your submission: After uploading your plugin and filling the plugin's information, click Save to submit as a draft. You will be directed to Manage published plugins page where you can see a status of all plugins that you already submitted to Katalon Store.
  • Publish your plugin: After saving your plugin, you can publish it by choosing an option "Publish" in Manage published plugins. The plugin then needs to be approved by admin before being published.

Publishing requirements

Before plugins can be published publicly, they must be submitted to Katalon Store Admin for plugin review. This process ensures that the plugins available in the Katalon Store meet quality and requirements.

Use the checklist below to make sure that your plugin passes the plugin review process. If you are submitting your plugin as a draft, you can still use this checklist to ensure your plugin provides a good user experience.

Make sure your plugin meets the following general requirements before attempting to publish:

Completeness. The plugin must be fully functional. It can't be a "work in progress."

Testing. The plugin has been tested with multiple active users as an unpublished plugin.

Style. Follow the Guidelines for publishing a new plugin.

Publish a plugin

After submitting your plugin as a draft, go to Manage published plugins page to view and publish your plugin. It will be subject to further review and ready to be published after being approved. As soon as your plugin is approved, it will be available on Katalon Store for users to discover and install.

Unpublish your plugin

Switch to Private status

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