Manage API Keys

API Keys usage

In the command-line execution, API Keys play a role as a user's credentials to download and install plugins in Katalon Studio before proceeding to execution.

Without API keys applied, Katalon Studio executes a test as you haven't installed any plugins yet. Therefore, the API Key is a must-have for using a plugin during the execution in the console mode.

Create a new key

To create an API Key, do as follows:

  1. Navigate to Katalon Store My Account > select the Security tab.
  2. Click on the Generate Key button > Input a Title for your API Key > Click on the Add key button.

You have created a new API Key successfully.

Remove an existing key

  1. Log into Katalon Store > My Account > select the Security tab
  2. Click on the Remove button of the key you want to remove > Click OK to confirm your removal.

Note: You cannot undo this action. Once a key is removed, it cannot be used anymore.