Activate Katalon License

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the activation of your Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) licenses. This guide is for:

  • Trial license users.
  • Users with internet access.
  • Users in offline work environments.


  • To learn more about Katalon licenses, see Types of Licenses.
  • If you are behind a proxy server, before activating Katalon licenses, you need to configure the Authentication proxy settings. To learn more about how to configure a proxy, see Configure Proxy for Authentication.

Activate Trial License

From Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 onwards, when you first log in to the Katalon Studio application, the trial license associated with your account is automatically activated and valid for 30 days. Each trial KSE or KRE license is tied to one Katalon account.

First, download and open Katalon Studio. The Katalon Studio Activation automatically pops up. Enter the email and password registered for your Katalon account, then click Activate.


Activate a license with Internet access


Activate a KSE license with Internet access

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio:
  • If you open Katalon Studio for the first time, the Katalon Studio Activation dialog automatically pops up.

    Katalon Studio Activation dialog
  • If you are already logged in to a Katalon account in Katalon Studio, click on the Profile button and select Log out.

    Katalon Studio Activation dialog

    You are now logged out, and the Katalon Studio Activation dialog appears.

  1. Log in with the Licensed User account email and password. Click Activate.

Activate a KRE license with Internet access

After the Owner or Admin of your Organization has granted you a KRE license, the license is activated automatically. To use KRE, you need to authenticate your account with your Katalon API key. To view your API key, refer to this guide: API Keys.


Activate a license while offline


  • A machine ID. To view your machine ID, see Machine ID.
  • A KSE_<machine_ID>.lic or KRE_<machine_ID>.lic file. To get this license file, provide your machine ID to your Organization Owner or Admin and ask them to grant you an offline license. See Grant Offline Licenses.

For offline license activation, follow these steps:

Put your .lic file in the license folder. With KRE, to execute multiple sessions in parallel, put multiple license files in the license folder.

.katalon is a hidden folder. To find the license folder in your computer, search for:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<user_name>\.katalon\license

  • Linux: /home/<user_name>/.katalon/license

  • macOS: /Users/<user_name>/.katalon/license

For KRE:

Put your KRE_<machine_ID>.lic file in the license folder. Your KRE license is now activated. Every time you start running a test with KRE, KRE automatically verifies that your license file is available and valid.

verify KRE license


  1. To activate your KSE license, in the Katalon Studio Activation dialog, click Offline Activation. The Katalon Studio Enterprise Activation dialog appears.

  2. In the License file section, enter the path to your KSE_<machine_ID>.lic file, or click Browse to navigate to your .lic file.

    offline activation
  3. Click Activate.