Update Katalon Studio

Known Issues

  • Product reactivation is required after installed new version successfully.
  • Previous configurations from the previous version will not be carried into the updated version.

Auto-update feature helps to ensure Katalon users are working with the newest version of Katalon Studio with latest updates and enhancements. By default, Katalon Studio will automatically check for new version everytime the application is started. 

  • If there is a new version available, Katalon Studio will display the notification with options as shown below

    Option Description
    Download New version will be downloaded immediately.
    Remind me later New Update will be prompted again after the next app reload or launch
    Ignore This Update 'New Update' dialog will not be displayed anymore if this option is selected.
  • If Download option is selected, Katalon Studio will download the new version and its progress can be viewed. Users are allowed to Cancel download at any time. 

    Please note that it might take some time to complete the download depending on the current network connection.

  • After the download process is finished, select 'Install and Re-launch' option to install the new version and relaunch Katalon Studio after it is installed.