How to use Katalon for Azure DevOps

Katalon TestOps CI is an easier way to execute Katalon Studio tests remotely or schedule remote Katalon Studio execution. See Test Planning Overview for detailed information.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to install and run Katalon with Azure DevOps for Web UI testing. For an example use of Azure DevOps, see Sample pipeline.


An active Katalon Runtime Engine license.

Install Azure DevOps Extension

Go to the Visual Studio Market Place, download and install the free extension of Katalon for Azure DevOps.

For Linux

The Azure DevOps extension was tested on Ubuntu 16.0.4 and Ubuntu 18.04. For continuous integration using this version, we recommend our sample scripts on Github: Azure DevOps sample script.

For Windows

To run UI tests on Azure Pipelines, you might need to adjust the screen resolution (See Microsoft documentation on Setting screen resolution). You can also install the Screen Resolution Utility extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace. See our Github example on how to run a Katalon Studio test: Azure DevOps Usage example.

Configure the Execute Katalon Studio Tests

Once you have installed the extension, you need to configure the Execute Katalon Studio Tests task to complete the integration.

  1. In Azure DevOps, to find Execute Katalon Studio Tests, open Azure DevOps. Then go to the Search box or the Task category.

    add task Execute Katalon Studio Tests
  2. Enter the Command Arguments directly in the text area or generate the arguments from Katalon Studio.

    Please leave out any irrelevant argument such as -runmode. See Command Arguments in Common Configuration for more details.

    enter the arguments
  3. Leave the X11 DISPLAY field blank.

  4. Configure Xvfb-run following Ubuntu Manuals on Xenial xvfb-run. The function still works if you only change the resolution to 1024x768x24 and leave other options as-is.

  5. After everything is set up, click the Queue button to build.

    Azure DevOps extension result 1 Azure DevOps extension result 2