Basic Report

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Basic Report Plugin is a Custom Keyword that replaces the current Report feature of Katalon Studio. Since version 6.1.5, the Report feature has been migrated to Basic Report plugin. Users need to install this plugin to continue using the feature.

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  • Generates reports automatically for Test Suite executions.
  • Generates reports manually via context menu.
  • Supported formats: HTML, CSV, JUnit, and PDF.


Automatically generate report

1.Open Project/Settings/Plugin/Report, select the reports that will be generated automatically after each Test Suite execution.

Report Setting

2.Run a test suite and observe the Log Viewer, the Report Folder after the test execution complete. The generated reports will be the same the settings you configured above.

Log Viewer after test execution

Log Viewer

Report Folder after test execution

Report Folder

Manually export report

Right click on a report of Test Suite, or Test Suite Collection. Select Export as and choose a format to export.

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