Before You Start

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This topic will cover installation guides to help you prepare the environment for Katalon Studio properly.

  • First, you need to verify if your computer meets the System Requirements to work with Katalon Studio.
  • Secondly, please ensure you are using Katalon Studio with default font OS size set too 100% from both Katalon Studio and your current OS to avoid name field is not displayed on some popups:
  • If you do Web Testing, make sure to install your preferred web browsers. Refer to the list of supported browsers for more details.
    • Katalon Automation Recorder extension is required for capturing objects in Active Browser (refer to Spy Web Utility and Record & Playback for more details). Refer to this guide.
    • Internet Explorer must be configured to run any automation test with Katalon Studio. Refer to IE configurations guide
  • If you do Mobile Testing, please refers to the following guidelines:

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