Configure JIRA Integration

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This feature has been moved to Jira integration plugin for Katalon Studio.

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You need to enable JIRA Integration in order to submit issues to JIRA. This setting is available at Project > Settings > Integration > JIRA.

  1. Select Enable integration option. The settings will be available for configuration.

  2. Specify information regarding your JIRA Server and login credential then click Connect button.

  3. After successfully authenticating with JIRA, all relevant JIRA Projects and Issue Types will be retrieved and displayed under Submit Options. You can specify the default project and issue type for submission here.  Where:

    Field Description
    Default JIRA Project The default JIRA project to submit ticket.
    Default JIRA Issue Type The default JIRA Issue type to create when submitting ticket.
    Use Test Case name as Summary for JIRA ticket The Katalon Test Case Name will be used as summary for submitted ticket.
    Attach Screenshot to JIRA ticket Any taken screenshot during execution will be included in submitted ticket.
    Attach Log to JIRA ticket The execution log will be included in submitted ticket.
  4. Click OK button to complete the JIRA Integration setup.

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