Database Settings

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These settings allow you to define a global database connection to be used in other features of Katalon Studio. You can access the settings at Project > Settings > Database.


  • Username: The username for authentication in the connected database server.
  • Password: The password for authentication in the connected database server.
  • JDBC Driver: The ClassDriverName of the database that has a supported library connection (JDBC).
  • Connection URL: The connection string of database server. Katalon Studio supports the following databases:
    • MySQL
    • SQLServer
    • Oracle
    • Postgre

Starting from version 7.0.0 and later, Katalon Studio users can configure additional database sources with the supported JDBC Driver field.


This example is to show how to create a test file from MariaDB.

  1. Download the executable jar file of the library here for connecting to MariaDB.

  2. Create a new project and configure this project as below:

  • In External Libraries: Add the downloaded library.


  • In Database: Enter the username and password used for authentication; and the ClassDriverName of the database that has the supported library connection (JDBC). Click Test Connection.


  1. Create a new Test Data File with the Database type.

  2. Click Edit Query. In the Database Connection and Query Settings dialog, you can connect to the MariaDB to query data.



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