Emails Settings

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  • Send test email button only available once Mail Server Settings and Recipients are filled correctly.

These settings allow you to define global email configurations to be used in other features of Katalon Studio. You can access the settings at Project > Settings > Email



This section defines the mail server which Katalon Studio will use to send emails.

  • Host: the domain name of the mail server
  • Port: the port to be used for that server
  • Username & Password: the account to authenticate with the server
  • Protocol: the protocol to communicate with the mail server
  • Encrypt authentication data is recommended for sensitive data protection

This section defines the list of emails to receive reports from Katalon Studio. You can also customize the body of the email by click Edit Template.

Selecting Include report as email attachment will enable all the options to include execution log and report format of the test suite will be sent as attachments in the notification email.

Configure Email Settings in Email Preferences

Katalon Studio allows users to receive summary reports via Email after Test Suites execution. You can access this setting at Project > Settings > Email

In case your email servers are using two-step authentication, please turn it off.

For those who use Gmail & Yahoo! Mail, make sure to allow low secure apps to access your account. Follow the guide here for Gmail users, or here for Yahoo! Mail users.

Below is SMTP configuration for popular email servers:


Yahoo! Mail:



You can customize the content of email here. All fields in template is editable. Click Apply when finished.


Variable Description
hostName Host's name
os Operating system
Browser Browser name and version
deviceId Id of executed device
deviceName Name of executed device
suiteId Id of test suite
suiteName Name of test suite
totalTestCases total executed test cases
totalPassed total passed test cases
totalFailed total failed test cases
totalError total error test cases

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