Enable Kobiton Integration

Kobiton is a powerful mobile device platform that offers real mobile devices for both testers and developers. Using Katalon Studio, you can easily execute automated tests on Kobiton's devices.

First you need to install the Kobiton Integration plugin. After installing the plugin, open Katalon Studio > your Account > Reload Plugins.

  1. Open Kobiton integration settings from the main menu:
  • Windows: Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Kobiton.

  • macOS: Katalon Studio > Preferences > Katalon > Kobiton.

    Check on the Enable Kobiton Integration checkbox.

  1. Enter your Kobiton account in the Authentication form and click Connect. Katalon Studio will retrieve information for Kobiton integration automatically.


  • Kobiton Server: The Kobiton server to be integrated with Katalon Studio.
  • API Key: The token to be used by Katalon Studio when exchanging API messages with Kobiton server. You can generate more keys in Kobiton API Settings.
  1. Click Apply and then OK when you are done with the settings.