Enable qTest Integration

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Starting from version 5.8.0, Katalon Studio has transferred qTest integration support to QASymphony, a leading test management solution. Please contact QASymphony to get the exclusive qTest version of Katalon Studio. You can read more about this update here.

Enable qTest Integration

  1. Open qTest integration settings at Project > Settings > Integration > qTest.

  2. Check the Enable integration checkbox. Next, you can either manually setup the qTest integration, or let the wizard do it for you.

Manual Setup

  1. qTest Version: On Authentication form, select the version of your qTest. (The 7 or higher option is recommended because APIs of earlier versions might be deprecated soon).

  2. Generate Token: Click on Generate button to create the token to be used during integration session.  Fill in valid information on the Generate new token dialog. For example: Once Katalon Studio successfully connects to your qTest using provided information, the token will be generated.

  3. Select other submitting options as following:


    Field Description
    Automatically submit test run result Results of executed test cases will be uploaded automatically to qTest.
    Submit test run result to latest approved version Test run result will be submitted to latest approved version of mapped qTest test case.
    Report format Additional attachments for reports to be upload to qTest.
  4. Test Case Mapping: Select the Test Case Repositories setting. You can create mappings between qTest modules and Katalon Test Case folders here. Click on the Add command. The Create Test Case Repository dialog will be displayed. Click OK when you are done with the settings.

  5. Test Suite Mapping: Select the Test Suite Repositories setting. You can create mappings between qTest projects and Katalon Test Suite folders here. Click on the Add command. The Create Test Suite Repository dialog will be displayed. Click OK when you are done with the settings.

    You should select test suites that contain those test cases defined in Test Case Repositories settings

Wizard Setup

Click on the Quick Setup... link to open the Wizard.

  1. Step1: Enter authentication information and select your qTest version. Once your qTest account is successfully connected, proceed to step 2.

  2. Step 2: Select your qTest project.

  3. Step 3.1: Select qTest module. This is the place to store uploaded Katalon test cases.

  4. Step 3.2: Select Katalon Test Case folder to be uploaded to the qTest module of step 3.

  5. Step 3.3: Select Katalon Test Suite folder to be integrated with qTest.

  6. Step 4: Optional settings when uploading to qTest. Please refer to Manual Setup for more details of each option.

  7. Step 5: Complete all previous steps to finish qTest setup wizard.

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