Installation Overview

This section provides information on how to install and activate Katalon Studio.


Environment Requirements

Verify whether your computer meets the System Requirements to work with Katalon Studio.

Download Katalon Studio

  • Download the latest Katalon Studio version.

    Katalon Studio automatically detects a suitable version for your system, but you can also select a preferred one on the page.

  • Do a quick check on System Requirements before using Katalon Studio.

Start Katalon Studio


  • Double-click on the katalon.exe file.

    Download and Start Katalon Studio

  • Ensure you are using the default font size (set to 100%) in both Katalon Studio and your current OS to avoid the name field not being displayed on some > pop-up windows.

    To adjust the font size:

    • Windows: Edit the font size.
    • Katalon Studio: Window > Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts. Select Dialog Font and edit the font size.


  • Double-click on the Katalon Studio (macOS) file in the directory where it is unpacked.

    For macOS Catalina users:

    • From version 7.9 onwards, macOS Catalina users no longer have to enable Katalon Studio and Katalon Studio Engine applications in System Preferences.

    • Users can start the applications directly like in macOS.

  • Once started, the application should display the splash screen similar to the following screenshot:

    Katalon Studio Loading

Activate Katalon Studio