Grant and Use a Katalon Studio Enterprise Offline License

Only node-locked Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) licenses with a yearly billing cycle can be converted to offline licenses.

A KSE license once converted to an offline license binds to a machine until it expires (in 60 days). It would be best if you were careful in deciding to generate an offline license since this decision is irreversible.

There are two roles in this tutorial:

  • Owner/Admins of the organization that have purchased KSE licenses.

  • Users need offline licenses.

    Here we only refer to organization roles since a Katalon user may have both roles.

Step 1: Users view and send a machine ID to Owner/Admins

To copy and send the machine ID on which Katalon Studio is executed, Users need to do the following steps:

  1. Download and open Katalon Studio

  2. In the Katalon Studio Activation window, click Offline Activation to view and copy the machine ID

  3. Send the machine ID to the Organization Owner/Admins

Step 2: Owner/Admins create and send back offline licenses

  • Create an Offline license for the computer that will execute Katalon Studio:
  1. Go to Katalon Admin

  2. Select Organization

  3. Select License > Katalon Studio Enterprise

  4. Click Create Offline License on the top right corner

  5. Enter a machine ID and click Create.

  6. Confirm your action.

    The newly created offline license is named KSE_<machineID>.lic and added to the Offline Licenses list.

  • Check the machine ID and make sure you download and distribute offline licenses to the right users.

Step 3: Users use offline licenses

Users can use the KSE offline license to activate and use KSE in the offline environment.

  1. In the Katalon Studio Activation window, click Offline Activation.

  2. Browse the license file with the corresponding machine ID.

Expired Offline License

When an offline license expires, one more license is available for usage. To continue using offline licenses, please generate a new one.