Install Runtime Engine

Starting from version 7.0.0, you need a Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) license to activate and run Katalon Studio or Katalon Studio Enterprise from the command line.

Download KRE

  1. Log in to your Katalon account on the Katalon website.

  2. Select the compatible version of Katalon Runtime Engine with your operating system and download. For example, Linux version:

  3. Unzip the package and move to the preferred directory to execute automation tests.

  • macOS: If you currently use macOS Catalina, you have to enable Katalon Studio Engine application in System Preferences/ Security & Privacy/ General.

  • Linux: Be sure to install OpenJDK 8 on your Ubuntu (NOT Oracle JDK). You can find the installation steps here. Once you finish the installation, your OpenJDK information is displayed when you execute java -version command.

    • Troubleshoot: You may encounter the NoClassDefFoundError error since Oracle JDK is being used. Please uninstall Oracle JDK, and then install Open JDK8.

Environment Requirements

KRE Licensing

You need a valid RE license to use this add-on. KRE license can be a node-locked or floating license. Learn more about KRE License.

Activate KRE

To activate KRE, there are different activation methods based on the execution environment which can be online or offline.

Once ready, navigate to the KRE directory and execute the Katalon automation test in command-line mode (CLI) as normal. Learn more about execution in console mode.

Get Started

To execute tests, follow the following steps:

  • Generate a console mode command. You can generate command directly from the command generator.
  • Copy and paste the generated command in Terminal (macOS, and Linux)/ Command Prompt (Windows).

For example:

./katalonc -noSplash  -runMode=console -projectPath="/home/demokatalon/Katalon Studio/WebTesting/WebTesting.prj" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -browserType="Chrome (headless)"