Installing WebDriverAgent for iOS devices

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This setup process is NOT required if you use an Android device. Please go straight to this step instead.

WebDriverAgent is a WebDriver server implementation for iOS that can be used to remote control iOS devices. You need to install and setup WebDriverAgent to allow Katalon Studio to automate iOS devices.

  • Open Xcode > Preferences > Accounts: Add developer's Apple ID 

  • Open Terminal and enter following command to initialize WebDriverAgent project:
cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-xcuitest-driver/WebDriverAgent
mkdir -p Resources/WebDriverAgent.bundle
sh ./Scripts/ -d

Common issues

Error code 13: re-run command with sudo: sudo ./Scripts/ -d

Error _Error StackTrace: Cannot find module 'eslint-config-appium': _missing paramter -d when running ./Scripts/

  • Login to Apple developer account and register device to developer account.

  • Open project WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj within folder WebDriverAgent in Xcode.

  • Select target WebDriverAgentLib, in the Signing section, check Automatically manage signing and select the team.

  • Then on the menu bar, select Product > Build

  • Repeat the last two steps for WebDriverAgentRunner

  • Xcode may fail to create a provisioning profile for the WebDriverAgentRunner target:

    Xcode provisioning fail

  • This necessitates manually changing the bundle id for the target by going into the "Build Settings" tab, and changing the "Product Bundle Identifier" from com.facebook.WebDriverAgentRunner to something that Xcode will accept:

    Xcode bundle id

  • Build WebDriverAgent by executing this command on Terminal in WebdriverAgent folder to verify all above steps worked

    xcodebuild -project WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj -scheme WebDriverAgentRunner -destination 'id=<udid>' test

    where is your Device ID

  • In case this dialog is displayed, select Always Allow.

  • If this was successful, the output should end with something like:

        Test Suite 'All tests' started at 2017-01-23 15:49:12.585
        Test Suite 'WebDriverAgentRunner.xctest' started at 2017-01-23 15:49:12.586
        Test Suite 'UITestingUITests' started at 2017-01-23 15:49:12.587
        Test Case '-[UITestingUITests testRunner]' started.
            t =     0.00s     Start Test at 2017-01-23 15:49:12.588
            t =     0.00s     Set Up


  • (OPTIONAL) To completely verify , you can try accessing the WebDriverAgent server status (note: you must be on the same network as the device, and know its IP address, from Settings => Wi-Fi => Current Network)

    export DEVICE_URL='http://<device IP>:8100'
    export JSON_HEADER='-H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8, accept:application/json"'
    curl -X GET '$JSON_HEADER' $DEVICE_URL/status
    You ought to get back output something like this:
          "value" : {
            "state" : "success",
            "os" : {
              "name" : "iOS",
              "version" : "10.2"
            "ios" : {
              "simulatorVersion" : "10.2",
              "ip" : ""
            "build" : {
              "time" : "Jan 23 2017 14:59:57"
          "sessionId" : "8951A6DD-F3AD-410E-A5DB-D042F42F68A7",
          "status" : 0

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