Introduction to Runtime Engine

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Runtime Engine (RE) is the test execution add-on of Katalon Studio. RE allows you to execute automation tests in CLI mode. It can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as scheduling your tests, integrating with CI/CD system, or bundling your tests to execute in virtual containers like Docker.

RE is only required for executing automation tests in CLI (command-line interface) mode. Here are the common scenarios for using RE:

  • Scheduling your tests using Operating System services. Learn more.
  • Creating batch operations for control multiple executions.
    • For example, setting up to autorun test suite B after running test suite A.
  • Integrating your tests to your CI/CD system.
    • For example, setting up your tests to be trigger by Jenkins once the application under test (AUT) is updated.
  • Execute your tests with distributed servers.
    • For example, setting up your tests to run with different Operating System, Browsers or Devices at the same time.
  • Bundle your test execution into virtual containers.
    • For example, building a Docker image to execute your test with a specific environment.
  • RE is compatible with both Katalon Studio 7 and Enterprise versions.

Please refer to this document for more details about downloading, activating and installing RE.

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