How to use Katalon TestOps plugin for Jenkins on Windows

Katalon TestOps CI is an easier way to execute Katalon Studio tests remotely or schedule remote Katalon Studio execution. Learn more

This tutorial shows you how to install and run Katalon TestOps – Jenkins plugin for Web UI testing on Windows platform.

Run a Freestyle Jenkins project


Install Katalon TestOps plugin

  1. Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available tab and search for the Katalon TestOps plugin.

  2. Select the plugin and click Install.

Create and configure a Freestyle Jenkins project

Now go back to the top page, you can start using the plugin right away.

  1. Click on New Item

  2. Select a freestyle project.

  3. Specify your workspace (here you can use a Git repository).

    A sample Katalon Studio a project is available on Github.

  4. Add and configure the build step: Execute Katalon Studio tests.

    Katalon Studio is downloaded and installed automatically based on the version you specify.

Troubleshoot empty videos recorded after running tests

If you encounter an issue of having empty videos recorded after running your tests on Jenkins, it is because the Web Driver hasn't launched during test execution. To fix this issue, please uninstall Jenkins of Windows services, and replace it by a DOS batch file containing the following codes:

cd D:\Tools\Jenkins //path to Jenkins folder
java -jar --webroot=jenkins.war

Credit to Sébastien Taniere and his original topic.

Run Jenkins Pipeline (Jenkinsfile)


To run Katalon Studio scripts in Jenkins Pipeline, do as follows:

  1. Create a new Jenkins Pipeline project.

  2. Select Pipeline Script from SCM.

    Please be noted that you need to specify the Jenkinsfile path.

  3. In the SCM field, select Git.

  4. In Repository URL, enter your Repository URL storing Katalon Studio project or use the following sample project

  5. Enter your Git credentials, save and start running the Jenkinsfile.

Learn more with our Katalon Academy course: Refine your CI/CD Pipeline with Automated Testing.