Jira Integration Plugin

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All these following features only work with Jira Integration plugin.

Note: To get JIRA Integration plugin, visit Katalon Store.


You need to enable JIRA Integration in order to submit issues to JIRA. This setting is available at Project > Settings > Integration > JIRA.

  1. Select Enable integration option. The settings will be available for configuration.

  2. Specify information regarding your JIRA Server and login credential then click Connect button.

  3. After successfully authenticating with JIRA, all relevant JIRA Projects and Issue Types will be retrieved and displayed under Submit Options. You can specify the default project and issue type for submission here.

  1. Click OK button to complete the JIRA Integration setup.

Integrate Test Case

  1. Prepare Jira JQL Script

  2. Open Jira Integration > click Import Test Case from JIRA JQL

  3. Enter the Jira JQL. Click OK.

  4. The Test Case Folder Selection window will appear. Choose the destination to store the issues. Click OK.

  5. The Jira Issues window will appear. Click OK.

If your test cases have already been linked to a JIRA ticket, Katalon Studio will not sync them again.

Jira Integration also allows you to sync JIRA BDD gherkin ticket to Katalon feature files with Katalon Studio test cases.

At step 3, please check Link to BDD Feature File > OK > Choose the destination to store the issues.

A new Feature File (with the same name as the test case) will be created with the content from Jira BDD. Moreover, a RunFeature step will be created in the linked test case to Jira.

Test Results

After you have successfully integrated test cases, test execution results will be automatically created in the associated Jira ticket. Review the status and attachments of Katalon Studio test cases right inside Jira.

Submit an Issue to Jira

Note: this feature supports Test Suite and Test Suite Collection execution level Submit options will be available in your test reports after Jira Integration has been set up.

  1. In your reports, open a test execution

  2. Select the test case results to be reported

  3. Click on the bug icon to manage Jira issues

  4. Create a new issue and submit

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