Katalon Add-on for Chrome

Katalon Automation Recorder extension is required to capture objects in Active Browser (refer to Web Object Spy and Record & Playback for more details). Click here to install the Katalon Automation Recorder extension for Chrome.

Port Configuration

This configuration allows you to decide which port to be used for sending data between Katalon Automation Recorder and Katalon Studio.

  1. After Katalon Automation Recorder is installed, open the extension from Chrome's main toolbar and click the Settings button to specify the preferred port to communicate with Katalon Studio (default value is 50000).

  2. Open preferences for Katalon Automation Recorder in Katalon Studio by accessing Window > Preferences > Katalon > Recorder. Enter the port to be used when communicating with Katalon Automation Recorder. (It should be the same port as specified in the previous step)

    When Record Test Case and Spy Object using Active Browser option, Katalon Studio will give a warning for installing Katalon Utility by default. You can select the Do not show this dialog again to prevent this dialog from showing up next time.